A random thought


I don’t know if you can call this a poem. My Ideas currently growing , molding a connection as music is thrown from my head phones.   I just want to write slow my spinning mind.  This is my time, unwind with me and by the way….

thank you for listening.

Below is my mind speaking,
Each line seeping  from a beating heart
It may share my old scars I left unattended, or maybe something random and bizarre

 Who knows!!

Without further ado ,

Meet my extroverted mind ….


The last seven months bacame the darkest.   Not only because it’s  the hardest but more of my slow trasition to feeling heartless.  I have far less faith and in a high power but in everything I stood for.

 This war I fight is simply life, rippled with constant mental fights.  Waves of obstacles for example, consistent  failure followed by heartbreak.

 So, I star gaze behind a dark cage. A way for me to keep my focus trained

It is essential for me to be consistant in holding steady and staying engaged and ready.

  Insanity waits just beyond the void, inching forward from all corners. Aggressively pushing back protective boarders.
Behind the craziness, Insanity ambitiously  organizing a horde of mind destroying warlords.

Its been a 100 foot freefall into a sea of negativity 

Not sure if something is wrong with me, but I have a song resonating peace from within. 

 I don’t feel sad or, angry or hating every faint moment that passes me.
I feel free,
I feel alive,
Sort of like my life is completely mine.  Its not being ordered around by the voices loud opinions. 
I’m  not entirely sure what is happening and I’m not going to walk down the aisle with stress nor invite denial
.  I’m just going to enjoy this time.

No analyzing my inner peace, just positive energy raining inwardly

No self help or personal improvement. 

  I’m just gonna let this moment ride
, own it with pride and vibe to some of my favorite tunes. 

I hope peace continues to  stare at me. It could even glare at me, as long as it continues to provide this kind of “Clarity.” 

ps…..did you make it this far?   Thank you! here is what you get for listening.