A Soul Golden

A mind torn from its internal belief is reunited
The warm ambient joy is ignited here
Fear is denied of its blighted tears

Your trials await patiently on the outer boundaries
A tender light vacates pain within all injuries

A synergy renders freedom but hinders growth
And Although a soul heals within the comfort zone
Our strength is revealed when we march alone

When a belief is left on its own, a test is given
A fight’s purpose highlights a song of weakness within
We either listen to its words or stay focused on our mission
Our growth kisses reality when our belief is powered with ambition
A dream will always remain in the wake of our wishes without a vision

The decision resides in our choice to avert our comfort zone
Because in the midst of our most stressful moments
Our faith will endure further then the gaze our imagination holds

A Soul Golden

By BeatificVibes


Some scars are self inflicted

Hard lessons will forever rest within my reflection
The ones that refuse to heal were caused by one question
It came from people confused by a contradiction that didn’t exist
Look and listen

The way he speaks and the color of his skin are so different
The words I said were critiqued by diverse people for the same reasons

One side surprised me
I thought they would never classify me
The other confused because their eyes and mind denied me for how I speak

Both sides will literally ignore the concern that blatantly smacks them in the face

So confused that someone can look like this and talk that way

I’m 31 years old and I still have people tell me I’m not really black

It will always be one thing or another and we need to push that ceiling back

I’m starting to get the feeling that some will only see me as a color and nothing beyond that

I thank the people who don’t respond to the fact I’m a different format

We are all people and not all of us color inside the lines created because we are abstract

I don’t apologize if you feel attacked by what I said here

Maybe you should reconsider why the words have impacted your fears

We are all different but like it or not we are all connected

In reality we should see that as a blessing

I just want to be accepted

By BeatificVibes

The Arrival

​The sound of the rain broke my dream’s grasp

I awoke, yet my eyes remained unopened 

My soul felt heavy as if I was trapped within agony’s hands

The texture of my morning was jagged, darkened, and light abandoned

The whispers  beat violently against my eardrums

This is a song I have heard far to much in my life

My heart began to cry out as a warning but my mind would not succumb

I opened my eyes and saw it sitting there watching me with sinister eyes

“Hello Anthony! You are so grown now!” .  

The words mockingly flown harshly around me

The only reaction given was long pause from me yawning

I stood up and sat on the edge of my bed staring at the rain falling

“No words? No hello after all this time?” a voice said from behind me

I closed my eyes listening to the noise of the sky crying 

“Fine, you can try but we both know Ill just continue prying”

All my worries felt heavy and more vibrant than normal almost highlighted

“Here we go again” my mind professed

“It’s fine, just stay focused and dont let up”

Depression always shows 

no matter if life is fine or times are rough

Just try to keep everything you believe close

Sooner or later you will be free from its hold

Until I Win

​You’re out of your league, no chance in hell 

Trust and believe, dreams should be kept in sleeps motel

Leave it all behind, 

Don’t deceive your belief in what’s not seen

Be safe, work smart, not harder and you will be free

I will be free…..

Well, that’s what I was told when I said I had a dream

I never felt more depressed, 

My mind melted away all creativity I had left

I became a zombie,  

The same people  who I let rob me of my dreams would say

“Where is the old Anthony? I miss those days”

The truth was simple and plain

I looked outward for approval and was afraid of the chase

Until one night, my sleepless mind awoke

I felt motivation building and my mind spoke

“Give me inspiration from anywhere,  NOW!”

I jumped to my feet, excited as my heart sang loud

I opened up Youtube and saw a video titled motivation

Every word spoken was golden, left me broken & rebuilt in another formation

A confidence I had never felt within told me this was the start of my new foundation

I knew that I would have to rebuild but  it would only increase gratification


No one will break this chase I have been placed in

Death is the only other path that will displace my vision

Since I can still fog up a mirror, then the chase I will continue in

Until I win

By BeatificVibes